The Sharing Registry

About Us

The Sharing Registry was built to enable folks with stuff to share to help a refugee family starting a new life in Canada.

Longbow Lake Boat Lift

Stuff includes more than cash (although cash is always welcome) - it includes time and experience and contacts, things that money often cannot buy.

If the 'stuff' you have to donate is material goods, please ensure they are clean and in excellent condition.

Our Team

We are all aware of the tragic circumstances that millions of Syrians are experiencing as they are forced to leave their homeland.  Families are leaving everything behind, buying dangerous boat ‘rides’, walking hundreds of miles and taking foreign buses, to flee war torn Syria for a better life.  

We all feel somewhat helpless in our ability to assist those fleeing Syria, based on the number of refugees and their plight.  We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone - which is why the following group of caring residents formed the Collingwood Syrian Sponsorship Committee (

Tara Bailey – Co Chair – Elephant Thoughts
Thom Vincent – Co Chair – Balmoral Village Developments
Sara Almas – Collingwood Town Clerk
Julie Buckley - Secretary
Deb Doherty – Collingwood Town Councillor
Brian Goodings – Trinity United Church
Joy Hackett – Corus Radio – 95.1 and 93.1
Susan Powell – Lawyer
Dave Sims – All Saints Anglican Church
Fllo MacRae - Educational Assistant




We are closer to the top of the list so will soon know the composition of our families and will post the details here so specific clothing, school and recreational donations can be made appropriate to their sizes and genders. We welcome donations of the items still listed as needed under the two families. The main furniture items still required are small dressers and desks.

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated items for the families. These items are in donated lockers at Apple Storage until we are able to move them to the houses. If you are able to assist in moving furniture, sorting clothing, providing child care, or driving, please register on the sharing registry. Thank you again for your support.