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Refugee Two Family Needs

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- crib and change table (maybe)
- dressers, bedside tables, lamps, rugs, etc.
- mirrors (3)
- desks and chairs
- alarm clocks
Note: we have received enough bedframes, sheets and duvets
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- pillows
- kitchen linens: dish towels, dish clothes
- window coverings - curtains and/or blinds - will post when we know the sizes needed
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Kitchen / Dining Room
- set of cutlery
- pots and pans
- set of dishes
- measuring cups and spoons
Note - we have enough tables, chairs, mugs, glasses, casserole dishes, mixing bowls
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Living Room
- table lamps
- floor lamp
- flat screen TV
- radio
- area rugs
- end tables
Note: we have enough sofas and chairs
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Recreation / Leisure
toys - to be determined when we know the number and ages of children in the family
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Laundry Room
- drying rack
- laundry detergent
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- yard tools (rake, shovel, etc.)
- garbage cans
- snow shovels, ice scraper/chopper, de-icer
- electric tools, e.g., drill
- lawn mower
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Child Care
3 hour units
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- school supplies
- backpacks for each child
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- due to a shortage of space and human resources, we are not accepting donations of clothing at the moment
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Moving Furniture
We will need both people and vehicles to move furniture from storage to the residence of the family
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Sorting Clothing
We will need help sorting the clothing donations by age and gender
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Once the family arrives, we will need volunteer drivers, but you can sign up now as security checks can be processed while we wait
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We will soon know the composition of this family and will post the details here so specific clothing, school and recreational donations can be made appropriate to their sizes and genders. We welcome donations of the items still listed as needed under the two families. The main furniture items still required are small dressers and desks.

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated items for this family. These items are in donated lockers at Apple Storage until we are able to move them to the house. If you are able to assist in moving furniture, sorting clothing, providing child care, or driving, please register on the sharing registry. Thank you again for your support.