The Sharing Registry


To select a family to help - click the Select Link

Refugee Family Two - Once you are registered, scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see a list of some of the items needed on the left. On the right, you can see what has been received by clicking on the List Received button. Click on the Donate button and fill in what you have to offer in the appropriate room. Once it is actually delivered it will be registered as "received" here.



We are closer to the top of the list so will soon know the composition of our families and will post the details here so specific clothing, school and recreational donations can be made appropriate to their sizes and genders. We welcome donations of the items still listed as needed under the two families. The main furniture items still required are small dressers and desks.

Thank you to everyone who has so generously donated items for the families. These items are in donated lockers at Apple Storage until we are able to move them to the houses. If you are able to assist in moving furniture, sorting clothing, providing child care, or driving, please register on the sharing registry. Thank you again for your support.